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Trixie Revenge 10 by Rayodragon Trixie Revenge 10 by Rayodragon
Trixie woke up from her dreams just to see that she is still in a dream.

The morning glare came through window follow by the nice fresh air breeze. Trixie open her eyes and made a loud yawn, then she smile and stare what she has done. Six beautiful Mares on her king sizes bed sleeping with her. She can't stop smiling then she starts giggling.

Trixie= hehehe hehehe HA HA HA HA.

Tears of Joy starting appear on her eyes. Trixie Laughter woke her ponies.

Twilight= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Rarity= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Applejack= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Rainbow Dash= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Pinkie Pie= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Fluttershy= Morning My Great and Power Trixie.
Trixie= Morning Girls.
Twilight= Why are you Crying my love.
Trixie= Oh is nothing...
Rarity= to you need a kiss to make you feel better.

Rarity starting to kiss Trixie Left cheek, wiping Trixie tears with her nozzle. Twilight starts Kissing Trixie Right cheek and moving down to her neck.

Trixie= Okay girls is time to get out from bed.. ooooh wow not there.

Twilight start Licking Trixie right ear while Rarity is biting her Left ear. Trixie is starting to Blush and Panic.

Trixie= Okay girls Let's sto-

Applejack silence her with a kiss on her lips while pushing her back to her bed The three mare are kissing and liking Trixie none stop then Trixie felt someone grab her legs, she was trying to look who it was it was, Fluttershy grab Trixie Left leg and start kissing her hoof while Pinkie Pie is doing the same on her right leg, Then Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Spread Trixie's haunches.

Trixie= Oh no oh no I can go climax again!

Rainbow Dash started licking Trixie belly button and slowing move down between her legs.


Rayo just finish making breakfast and he is eating by himself while hearing Trixie making loud Moaning and crying across the room.

Rayo= Looks like no one is coming-
Trixie= NOOOO I'M COMING!!!!!

Rayo=......I'm not hungry any more.... why i even bother making breakfast...

5 Hours later....

Rayo= Trixie. Trixie wake up.
Trixie= aaaaaah Go away...
Rayo= You need to drink and eat you are dehydrated.
Trixie= oh my back.....whats for breakfast.
Rayo= Is almost Lunch time.
Trixie= Huh? where are my PONIES!
Rayo= They are doing there chores like you trained for.
Trixie= I need a bath.
Rayo= Better hurry is getting cold.

Trixie took a bath then she went to the kitchen.

Trixie= Oh I'm so Hungry.
Rayo= So when are you going to sell the Ponies?
Trixie=..... I'm soon.
Rayo= How soon?
Trixie= Like... never.
Rayo= You can do whatever you want but remember that made deals with everyone that those pony especially Gilda Is already paying In advance.
Trixie= Why are you not playing with them?
Rayo= Huh? why are you changing the Subject.
Trixie= Well sometimes minions deserver a reward once awhile.
Rayo= Not interested.
Trixie= why not Applejack has nice build Flank, Rarity is beautiful and she smells good, Rainbow Dash Is wild in the bed, Fluttershy is soft and she cries when you touch her and Pinkie Pie..... oh yeah I forgot.
Rayo= Those ponies are not mine there yours, you can do whatever you want.
Trixie= what's wrong with you are you.... you
Rayo= NO!! I told you I'm interested.
Trixie= Oooh I see you have some mare in your mind. Who is she?
Rayo= I don't know what you are talking about.
Trixie= Is she from Ponyville?
Rayo= No.
Trixie= Is she close?
Rayo= No.
Trixie= Is she in this room?
Rayo= Your food is getting cold.
Trixie= so is she in this room?
Rayo= I told you I'm in our debt.
Rayo= You think I love you?
Trixie= Get Out!
Rayo= As you wish.

Rayo lives the house. Then Trixie used her magic to break everything in the kitchen.

Trixie= TWILIGHT!!!
Twilight= yes my Great and Power-
Twilight= angry sex?
Trixie= ANGRY SEX!!!
Twilight= Gulp.....

4 hours later.

Twilight= sniff...sniff
Trixie= There there....
Twilight= You hurt me... sniff
Trixie= I'm so sorry my Twilight.
Twilight= Sniff... you hate me?
Trixie= Oh no no no I always love you Twilight.
Twilight= I love you too Trixie...sniff.
Trixie= love? OH SNAP RAYO!! be a good girl and stay.

Trixie ran outside it was night she began to yell for Rayo It was a full moon night, she ran up the field to find Rayo.

Trixie= I'm so Stupid I just kick the only pony that cares for me. RAYO!! RAYO!! damn it.... I won't blame him for not coming back......sniff
Rayo=why are you Crying?
Trixie= Rayo..sniff.

Trixie ran to Rayo and hug him.

Trixie= Sniff.... I'm so sorry...Sniff.. please never leave.
Rayo= I'll have never left. I just stay here.
Trixie= I'm so sorry... sniff.
Rayo= That's okay.
Trixie= Why are you doing outside then?
Rayo= Because you told me to.
Trixie=Oh yeah...
Rayo= Also is the full moon....Is she beautiful..
Trixie= Huh?
Rayo= I'm going to be honest to you Trixie, remember where we first met?
Trixie= Yeah at ruin in the evergreen forest.
Rayo= Remember the Gem That you broke?
Trixie= Gem? Oh you mean the gem that shatter like glass, yeah why?
Rayo= The Gem was my Prison?
Trixie= Your Prison? How long you being there? Why where you Prison in a gem? And Who prison you?
Rayo= I was Prison there for almost 1000 years.
Trixie= That awful now it makes senses why you are being nice to me, But why they prison you like that.
Rayo= Because I love her.....
Trixie= Who?
Rayo=....... Sorry is hard to talk about it.
Trixie= Sorry. But can you tell me who prison you.
Rayo= The Destriers.
Trixie= Destriers?
Rayo= Princess Celestia Knights. They imprison me for protecting the Pony I love.
Trixie= Where is she?
Rayo= I think she was Imprison the same way I a Gem. I wish I can find her.
Trixie= I'll help you find her, Rayo. Let me repay you for helping me have My Revenge. We can use the Ponies To search for gem that she is prison on.
Rayo= That's good Idea Trixie. With the Daughters of Harmony in are side no one can stop us.
Trixie= Daughters of Harmony?
Rayo= I'll tell you about it tomorrow. You should go get some rest.
Trixie= What about you?
Rayo= I'll stay here for awhile.
Trixie= Ok Rayo Goodnight and tomorrow we will find your love.

Trixie when back home. While Rayo Stare at the moon.

Rayo= Did I told you she is Perfect. Soon I'll bring you back.

Next Morning.

Trixie= NO NO NO give me that Applejack.
Applejack =But that hat makes me happy for some reason.
Trixie= No! Everyone listing I can't let you have this stuff it will turn to your back to your old evil bad self, your Trixie's is trying to Protecting you....or is it that you.... don't love Trixie.... anymore... sniff (crocodile tears)
Everypony= No No We all love Great and Power Trixie!
Applejack= sniff... I'm sorry Trixie....sniff.
Trixie= There there that's okay. But everyone must remember
that is good for you. Twilight No books, Rarity No dresses and sewing, Pinkie Pie no Parties and NO KNIVES! Fluttershy No animals, Rainbow Dash No Flying and Applejack, no Apples and hat. Okay.
Everypony= Sorry Great and Power Trixie!
Trixie= Now all of you go Finish your chores and Applejack I need to give you some medicine.
Applejack= no no medicine It gives me Headaches.
Trixie= It's good for, I can't risk you turning to your old monster self. Now open wide and go to bed, Rayo will finish your chores. That was close anything that makes them happy will bring their memories back and I can't have that. I should burn this hat-

Knock knock knock.

Trixie=who could that be? Rayo get the door!
(Rayo look through the door peep hole)
Rayo= Is a griffin!
Trixie= Oh snap there going to take my Rainbow Dash away. Tell them I lost her, no Um tell them she ran away.
Rayo= I don't think they came for her.
(Rayo Opens the Door)

Rayo= Yes My I help you.
Griffin= Gilda sent me to warned you that a Group of ponies are coming this way.
Rayo= Didn't we told Gilda to stop anypony from coming this way.
Griffin= We try but this ponies are strong I have never seen nothing like them they took down three of are toughest griffins and they Wounded Gilda. What strange about them they Have one mark on their left flank different while the right flank is the same mark.
Rayo= Same mark? Does this mark has a Pony holding a Shield with Celestia mark.
Griffin= Yeah what is that means?
Rayo= Trouble.
Trixie= Are they Coming for you Rayo?
Rayo= No they don't know I'm here. they are coming for the Daughters of Harmony.
Trixie= Daughters of Harmony?
Rayo= the Ponies that you ponynap, Torture, abuse and Brainwash. The daughters of Harmony are Princess Celestia Daughters.
Trixie=............AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH she is going to banish us or she going throw us in the dungeon or banish us and throw us in a dungeon in the place that she banish us.
Rayo= I think is much worst .
Trixie= banish to the Moon for 1000 years!
Rayo= no. will be banish to the sun for life.
Trixie= what where going to do Rayo!?
Rayo= Don't worry I have plan ahead. We are going to teleport all of us.
Trixie= I don't know that spell and you can only teleport yourself youíll need a Lot of power to teleport all of us.
Rayo= Thatís why we Have Twilight. She can teleport all of you.
Trixie= How you know that and wait How did you know they are the Daughters of Harmony.
Rayo= We don't have time for that. Everypony come Stay together, Twilight stay in the middle, Trixie You need to tell twilight where to teleport.
Trixie= ah ah ah Manehattan.
Rayo= Stay still Twilight This will hurt a lot.

Rayo close his eyes and concentrated all his power on to his horn, then Rayo horn starting to glow bright red, then Rayo open his eyes they are also glowing bright red, he then touch Twilight horn with his horn it made Twilight eyes and horn glow bright white
Rayo= Now Tell her to teleport.
Trixie= What about you? Are you coming?
Rayo= I'll meet you there. Now go.
Trixie= Twilight Teleport us to Manehattan.

Then a huge Explosion of Bright light cover the whole room, The light fade away and all the six Ponies and Trixie disappeared

Griffin= Why didn't you left with them?
Rayo= What's your name?
Strifer= My name Strifer.
Rayo= How Long they'll be here?
Strifer= Maybe 5 hours.
Rayo= To have more Griffin on your Side?
Strifer= Yes but why?
Rayo= To you want to Fight for your fallen Comrades.
Strifer= Hell yeah!
Rayo= Good Bring them.

Strifer flew to get more Griffin to fight. Then Rayo pull a small whistle in his pouch and he blow on it. The whistle did not made any noise but it made the ground shake and a hole appeared in the ground, a small dog jump out from the hole

Rayo= Dog, tell the your Diamond dog if they want Rarity I need some of your toughest Dogs to fight.

The small dog when back to the hole.

Rayo= Everything going as planned. Finally I'll get my Revenge on the Destriers and then I bring her back.
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wilnet1tractor Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
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Yunadeoro284 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
the best part in this story i think the pinkamena diane pie she is so scary she almost killed Rayo i think o3o
but keep it up! i like it all *^*
Jrakob Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like for you to draw this again but with Trixie sitting in the throne from the show Game Of Thrones
Tvman1254 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Rayodragon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] The story is still going, but is not finish.
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How would you save a pony?
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WraithX79 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
Skye grins, letting his tongue slide across his fangs. "...So it begins..." He puffs smoke from his nostrils.

I sure hope he's a part of this lol
pinkiepie20 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
I will be a sad pony if I'm not in this but I will still enjoy reading it. So no pressure seriously try and do your best with this.
Niles-Prower Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, it's not so easy - read all of this. Grammatic...

Okay. I'll be wait when Destriers is show up. And I'll be wait when you find someone co-author, who can correct grammatical problems.
Rayodragon Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry man i try i'm not good in english
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sodomitor Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
no, quote:
"Twilight= angry sex?
Trixie= ANGRY SEX!!!
Twilight= Gulp.....

4 hours later.

Twilight= sniff...sniff"

4 HOURS OF ANGRY SEX!!! Goddamit, Trixie has some stamina!
CirrusCloud9 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011   General Artist
Well, it WAS angry sex.. Plus they both had magic to possibly endure longer :D
sodomitor Featured By Owner May 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Another proof of the superiority of Great and Powerful Trixie.
CirrusCloud9 Featured By Owner May 20, 2011   General Artist
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King-of-Darkness50 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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Don't worry there's hope
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So, he has a crush on NM does he? Best get Luna into this fight.
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TRIXIE :pissedoff:
artemis2314 Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.
Commisar-Erdno Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
may i say good sir that the whole FIA (Free Imperial Alliance) is backing up on this and if you by the emperor think that you can come her and be a Inquisitor then you are wrong so get your imperial lord brainwashed head out of here or face the wrath of tanks soldiers and artilerie that even the space marines could fear
Rayodragon Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know
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