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DianoXwarbs by Rayodragon
Rainbow Dash Nobody, This nobody is a Coward but knows how to fight she avoids fights then confronting them, She mostly use cunning and traps to get what she want. DianoXwarbs Likes to dresses in style. Her weapon is a Electric Guitar that can be use as a mallet and Lightning for long range attacks. Her Nobody army is Bards they are mostly useless, they only dance and sing. But sometimes a Spartan will appear and one is enough to be a Problem.

Who is next to be a Nobody? 

9 deviants said Trixie
7 deviants said Twilight Sparkle
5 deviants said Other
4 deviants said Rainbow Dash
4 deviants said Lyra
4 deviants said Derpy Hooves
4 deviants said Luna
3 deviants said Applejack
3 deviants said Vinyl Scratch


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United States
Pony for a Day Project(Hiatus)…
After I finish the mane 6 Noponies traditional drawing I'm going to try to digital drawing on them. 


Pony for a day

7/11/2012 Lime-Lemon PFD1 Lime-Lemon by Rayodragon:iconlyd2000:
7/12/2012 Twilight Sparkle PFD2 Twilight Sparkle by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/13/2012 Snow Crystal PFD3 Snow Crystal by Rayodragon:iconrose-snow:
7/14/2012 Pinkie Pie PFD4 Pinkie Pie by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/15/2012 Dream catcher PFD5 Dream Catcher by Rayodragon:iconsocktehkitty:
7/16/2012 Fluttershy PFD6 Fluttershy by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/17/2012 Torque PFD7 Torque by Rayodragon:icontorqueeffect:
7/18/2012Derpy HoovesPFD8 Derpy Hooves by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/19/2012 Pandora PFD9 Pandora by Rayodragon:icondanton-damnark:
7/20/2012RainbowDash PFD10 Rainbow Dash by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/21/2012 Witch Way PFD11 Witch Way by Rayodragon:icondeltasenris:
7/22/2012 Rarity PFD12 Rarity by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/23/2012 No Pony for today.:thumb257451168:
Hangout with my little Brother before he leaves...

7/24/2012Applejack PFD13 Applejack by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/25/2012 Crono Sparks PFD14 Crono Sparks by Rayodragon:iconnitron100:
7/26/2012 Trixie PFD15 The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/27/2012 Harmony PFD16 Harmony by Rayodragon:iconcluelessavian:
7/28/2012 Celestia PFD17 Princess Celestia by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
7/29/2012 No Pony For today :thumb257451168:
My friends told me to take a pony break

7/30/2012LittleHope PFD18 Little Hope by Rayodragon:iconobamaplz::iconrayodragon:
7/31/2012 Luna PFD19 Luna by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/1/2012 Moonlight BlossomPFD20 Star Lilly (Moonlight Blossom) by Rayodragon:iconstarlilly08:
8/2/2012 Doctor Whoof PFD21 Doctor Whooves by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/3/2012 Dreamer PFD22 Dreamer by Rayodragon:iconfim-adopts:
8/4/2012 DJ Pon-3 PFD23 DJ PON3 by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/5/2012 Willow PFD24 Willow Wisp by Rayodragon:iconpartiallybatty:
8/6/2012 Zecora PFD25 Zecora by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/7/2012 Rayo PFD26 Rayo by Rayodragon :iconrayodragon:
8/8/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:

Thanks to a Troll that ruin it.
8/9/2012 Chrysalis PFD27 Queen Chrysalis by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/10/2012 Sketch Artist PFD28 Sketch Artist by Rayodragon:iconthatcleverf0x:
8/11/2012 Lauren Faust PFD29 Lauren Faust by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye:
8/12/2012 Empty PFD30 Empty by Rayodragon:iconcdla:
8/13/2012 Scootaloo PFD31 Scootaloo by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/14/2012 Applebloom PFD32 Applebloom by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/15/2012 Sweetie BPFD33 Sweetie Belle by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/16/2012 Pawz PFD34 Pawz by Rayodragon:iconthamutt:
8/17/2012 Lone Warrior PFD35 Lone Warrior by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
8/18/2012 Fleur de Lis: PFD36 Fleur de Lis by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/19/2012 Cogs Fixmore PFD37 Cogs Fixmore by Rayodragon:iconcogs-fixmore:
8/20/2012 Lyra PFD38 Lyra Heartstrings by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/21/2012 White Rose PFD39 White Rose by Rayodragon:iconshonnythehedgehog:
8/22/2012 Bon-bon PFD40 Bon-bon by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
8/23/2012 Scratch PFD41 Scratch by Rayodragon:iconauster26:
8/24/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:
Long a day of work. Sorry everypony...

8/25/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:
This time I got a Pony Break Because a long day of work On Friday.

6/26/2012 Wildfire PFD42 Wildfire by Rayodragon:iconsibsy::iconhasbroplz:
6/27/2012 Neonsplatt PFD43 NeonSplatt by Rayodragon:icondracosderpyhoof:
6/28/2012 Octavia PFD44 Octavia by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
6/29/2012 Ęgwinn PFD45 AEgwinn Riverwind by Rayodragon:iconaegwinn:
6/30/2012 Cheerliee PFD46 Cheerliee by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
6/31/2012 Juicy Sky PFD47 Juicy Sky by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
9/01/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:
Sorry Ponies I took a Break of ponies, Too Much ponies can be bad for you

9/02/2012 Spike Belongs PFD48 Spike by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/03/2012 Rob PFD49 Rob by Rayodragon:icondestinydecade:
9/04/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:

working something huge
9/05/2012 Mrs. Cake PFD50 Mrs. Cake by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/06/2012 Digi Doodle Doo PFD51 Digi Doodle Doo by Rayodragon:icondespisedandbeloved:
9/07/2012 No pony for today :thumb257451168:
Working on the contest Drawing.

9/08/2012 Mr. Cake PFD52 Mr. Cake by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/09/2012 Emberfall PFD53 Emberfall by Rayodragon:iconemberfall0507:
9/10/2012 Pound Cake PFD54 Pound Cake by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/10/2012 Pumpkin Cake PFD55 Pumpkin Cake by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/11/2012 Rayo Draco PFD56 Rayo Draco by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:

9/12/2012 Working on the Villain contest :thumb257451168:

9/13/2012 Crystal Clear PFD57 Crystal Clear by Rayodragon:iconpiperwolf201:
9/14/2012 Empress Ying Yang PFD58 Empress Yin Yang by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
9/15/2012 & 9/16/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:

Sorry ponies no PFD this Weekend, Working some other drawings and the Villain Contest. Tomorrow I'll start Drawing PFD but thanks everypony that are being patient.

9/17/2012 Andora PFD59 Andora by Rayodragon:iconjuria316:
9/18/2012 No Pony for today :thumb257451168:

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!! I only want to be your best friend...

9/19/2012 Snips PFD60 Snips by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/20/2012 Sunset Rose PFD61 Sunset Rose by Rayodragon:iconmarinafeld:
9/21/2012 Snails PFD62 Snails by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/22/2012 Speed Shock PFD63 Speed Shock by Rayodragon:iconking-of-darkness50:
9/23/2012 Pipsqueak PFD64 Pipsqueak by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
9/24/2012 Speculum Heart PFD65 Speculum Heart by Rayodragon:iconcressiecake:
9/25/2012, 9/26/2012, 9/27/2012 9/27/2012,9/28/2012,No Pony for those three days :thumb257451168:

Working on a Epic Drawing, I will take turns on the Drawing, Sexyfied Ponies and PFD.

9/29/2012 Amor Mamute PFD66 Amor Mamute by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
9/30/2012 :thumb257451168:
Working on the Mrs. Cake and Butters Drawing so no pony for today.

10/1/2012 Twist PFD67 Twist by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
10/2/2012 Cosmic PFD68 Cosmic Kiss by Rayodragon:iconstrawberry-spritz:
10/3/2012 Shining PFD69 Shining Armor by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
10/4/2012 Jupitur Pudding PFD70 Jupitur Pudding by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
10/5/2012, 10/6/2012,10/7/2012 :thumb257451168:
Sorry Everypony I was out of town because of work.

10/8/2012 Featherweight PFD71 Featherweight by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
10/11/2012 Silver Light PFD72 Silver Light by Rayodragon:icontsutarjalover:
10/12/2012 Cadence PFD73 Princess Cadence by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
10/15/2012 Gentle Gamer PFD74 Gentle Gamer by Rayodragon:iconthetruesurvivor:
10/16/2012 Diamond Tiara PFD75 Diamond Tiara by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
10/18/2012 Precious PFD76 Precious by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
10/21/2012 Whiteborn PFD77 Whiteborn by Rayodragon:iconluisarmando317:
10/26/2012 Kuni PFD78 Kuni by Rayodragon:iconcharchu-devin:
10/31/2012 Miley Smiley PFD79 Miley Smiley by Rayodragon:icontwinkleturtle:
11/04/2012 Claudia PFD80 Claudia by Rayodragon:iconrayodragon:
11/08/2012 Dusk Shine PFD81 Dusk Shine (REVISE) by Rayodragon meme-asaurus
11/11/2012 Fable Star PFD82 Fable Star by Rayodragon:iconcallmecrazy2011:
11/19/2012 Sierra Skygazer PFD83 Sierra Skygazer by Rayodragon :iconbeartwig:
02/24/2013 Princess Twilight Sparkles PFD 84 Princess Twilight Sparkles by Rayodragon:iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
03/17/2012 Glitter Shell PFD 85 Glitter Shell by Rayodragon :iconkryptchild:
03/18/2012 Erotica PFD 86 Erotica by Rayodragon :iconmrsexsymbol:

The Ponies I Love and respect!

My Only true Friends.

My Very Best Friend

My Friends
My Inspiration

My Destriers:iconthe-destriers:

The Knightmares:iconthe-knightmares:


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Hi. =3
FiretrontheHedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you do Celestia flirting with her rump?
thps48 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
I never did research it too thoroughly, but I shall ask: Do you know if you were the first to use inhibitor rings on unicorn horns? >:3
Rayodragon Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They told me that i started the inhibitor rings, that i invented. I never found someone that started the magic binding rings for the unicorns but i'm ready to prove wrong if someone finds a MLP FiM fanfiction or drawing before Twilight weakness, Trixie's Revenge or Destriers.
thps48 Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Cool. If I also find one, I'll let you know. :)
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